Biblio World Expo

A virtual book expo to sustain the beautiful tradition of choosing a great read and shelving it for generations to come.
About Us

The conventional method of visiting a book store, exploring the racks of neatly arranged works and discovering the perfect read, is now being replaced by other modes of entertainment. The younger generation is becoming alien to the extraordinary feeling of holding a book and running their fingers across the neatly printed letters. They choose to spend their time on social media and other platforms of the digital age. This makes them lose the real thirst for words, the depths of imagination hidden in the pages of a book and the passion to pursue a creative career.

Olive Publications and Free Your Mind comes together to organize an annual International Festival, to rekindle the love for books. A group of passionate people from business, art and culture and technology is the backbone of this venture. We aim at developing reading habits among people from all generations, thereby making them resourceful and positively driven individuals. This is also a step to make the young blood in all families, socially conscious and culturally enlightened, by shaping in them a habit of reading

WHat Makes Us Unique?

Great chance for publishers to make their identity known to a global crowd. Since this is a virtual event, they can avoid incurring huge expenses, even as they experience the true feeling of being present in a global expo.


This will save them from having to spend money on travel and other expenses that are involved with a normal book expo.


Publishers also get to choose the packages that suit their expense limits. From 350 to unlimited range of books, the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages vary widely.

365 days, a year

Even after the expo winds up, the store will remain for these publishers to exhibit their books for the whole year. They also get a choice to be a part of the remaining 3 expos conducted in the mentioned regions.

Opportunity for budding and established writers from different regions

To gain international recognition and a wider scope of growth.

Cultural and socially relevant works can be made available to a crowd of literature enthusiasts who are unable to access these from their local ookstores.

Opening up a grand array of choices for readers

from all generations

Lighting up the curiosity of those who love to explore and experience newer perspectives through books.

The feeling of visiting a particular publisher’s store is wonderfully recreated in our virtual expo.

They can also interact with the customer care personnel from respective publishing houses for more help.

The books chosen and ordered will be delivered within a short time..


latest updates

A space for writers who have already made their mark in the literary sphere to come together and have productive discussions. They can present their ideas and thoughts with people who share similar perspectives. Thus creating a brooding ground for great works which would trend among readers around the world.


A portal for budding writers to get in touch with the right publishers and for publishers to get connected with writers. This will create more oppurtunities for writers, who can easily spot the fitting publishing house, without trying at various places.


An open space for everyone passionate about literature. This is a platform of discussion and thought sharing between readers and writers from all around the world. People can get notifications regarding new publications, join free discourses, share aspiring works and bring about revolutionary changes in the world through their words.